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Zyliss World Food Festival Kitchen Products

I'm on a few product review sites, one of which is The Insiders. When they offered me a Zyliss kitchen goodie bundle at a crazy reduced price there was no way I was going to say no. They sent a haul of goodies and I've now been using them for about a month. Conclusion: I love them! My favourites from opening the box were the knives and the pans. I'm not sure I've ever had a really good set of knives and these are amazing, they came in an awesome knife block which sits proudly on my kitchen side and they are so sharp. I've never come across a sharp bread knife before so thought nothing of cutting a scone towards by hand until I found 2 very straight cuts on my palm where the teeth of the knife had sliced my skin, I hadn't even noticed it happen! The pans look like stoneware, work on all hobs (including induction) and really are non-stick. I have bought so many pans over the last 10 years which claimed to be non-stick which would be ruined within

Time to bust this belly

I am 30 in 13 days. I want to donate eggs 2 more times. You have to be under 35 and have a BMI under 30 My BMI is way above 30 right now. Time to get going!!!