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MAM Max the Frog Teether

For completing a product research questionnaire MAM kindly sent me a gift pack. It included 2 soothers, 1 small bottle and a Max the Frog Teether. It's the first time we've had a MAM teether and grumpy Roo needed a firm one as the water filled ones aren't doing the trick. First impressions it's very good quality (as I'd expect), it's easy for little hands to hold and it's firm enough to give a satisfying chomp. I will leave the Roo to use it and come back to update.

Yollies Review

Roo is what I like to call an omnomnomnivore, she will eat anything and constantly so it's important to have snacks in for her. She's not overweight and in fact since learning to walk she's small for her age if I go by her clothing. One thing I've started keeping in the fridge is yollies. I bought the first pack with a skeptical look but got them anyway because other yoghurt options have ended up being used as hair gel! Well she loves them! She'd sit and eat a pack of 4 given the chance but I'm a meanie and limit her. I'm still very skeptical about the texture to the point where I've resisted more than a nibble but the taste is great. From my limited knowledge they seem like a good snack option as they're not too crammed with sugar and they don't end up everywhere. Word of warning though - if they get warm they get more liquid, not good for car journeys etc. Few drawbacks - Price, they're 4 for £1 (on offer) and a portion is 2 Pack si

No Tricks, just treats

So today was Halloween and what a busy day it's been. Craft work this morning, birthday party this afternoon and then trick or treating this evening. Roo got to dress up twice although she wasn't overly impressed. I had my usual stress of whether giving homemade gifts (crafts I make and sell) was personal or seemed cheap. I'm hoping it's seen as personal because that's the intention. Trick or treating was great as we were in a group and rules were set that we only visited houses with pumpkins resulting in no disappointed kids. Roo was too little to join in properly this year but I'm sure next year she'll be sugar crashing at this time of night. Tomorrow will be working hard as Christmas orders are coming in fast and I have baubles and sacks to make. Happy Halloween everyone!

Giving solid shampoo a try - my thoughts

Years ago I tried Lush solid shampoo bit just couldn't get the hang of it then last week I decided to try again. The reason I revisited this alternative shampoo option is the nuisance cats and toddler kept dropping my shampoo and conditioner bottle in the bath, they'd proceed to take up water and voila, watery, runny, hair products. I have naturally very thick hair so have to be careful what types of hair care I use as anything thickening will make me sweat like I'm wearing a hat indoors. I found this a little tricky as the shampoo bars didn't really specify clearly the type of hair they were for. Yes I could have asked but a) it was very very busy and b) I'm too socially awkward in those situations. I ended up choosing a shampoo bar and a conditioner bar and got the little storage tins to protect them from the previously mentioned nuisances. I can't remember the names but the shampoo is orange and the conditioner is purple. After a week of use, my opinion:


I'm a 27 year old Mum of 1 and step-mother of 1 more. 1.5 year old and 10 year old. We have a lot of fun and I thought I'd share some. Today is less fun though at Roo has a bug (hopefully not the start of chickenpox) and I find myself wishing drone deliveries were available to get some baby ibuprofen. I have baby ibuprofen in the house but it's orange flavoured and it seems I may as well be poisoning her by the way she reacts. So now I have to drag her to the shop for blackcurrant flavoured medicine between sleepy spells. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it