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Time to Talk Day 2019

As today is Time to Talk Day I thought it apt to share my mental health story. I suffer from depression and anxiety which is thought to be a chemical imbalance rather than justified depression. Meaning I often feel depressed when there's nothing to be depressed about and I am then unable to answer "what's up?", in fact I deal with things much better when I have a justification. I have suffered from depression probably from about age 13. I hid it for a number of years and lived in denial. I remember my friends speaking to a teacher through concern when I was about 14ish and that teacher just told me I was 'attention seeking' and to stop. I hid it for a number of reasons, I didn't want people to think less of me, I didn't want my parents blaming themselves, I didn't want people dismissing me as angsty. I self-harmed, sometimes a lot. It wasn't 'attention seeking', it wasn't because I thought I was bad or that I needed punishi