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Raising a Wild Child

There's no getting around it, Roo is a wild child. She loves being outside, messy and mucky. She loves running, jumping and climbing. I can't even declare her a Tom boy, she's just Roo. Yesterday we went to visit a friend whose daughter is much less wild and much more calm, Ruby's wildness turns out to be contagious, they were dashing around being loonys. I was hoping that a busy and wild day yesterday would give me the chance for a quiet day where I could work. Nope she's still wild. The only reason she's calmed down today is a game has resulted in a cut finger. Only her first cut could calm the crazy. Let me be clear, she's wild but most the time isn't naughty. She's frustrating but it doesn't warrant telling her off most of the time. I count myself incredibly lucky for our childminder who is just as wild as the kids. Messy play, mud, rain she loves then and Roo gets to let her wild side out. So now, I'm going to enjoy my quiet cuddle

I'm back

Sorry for the absense. After getting back from holiday I was cross the holiday hadn't been the magical depression cure I'd been hoping for (I exaggerate but I thought I'd be loads better). Getting home made me realise only I can get myself better and I started to change my life! In a nutshell I'm changing my business a little to seem like more of a high end product meaning photos and packaging overhaul I've made huge changes to my house and living environment, i have done a lot of decluttering and cleared out of bags and bags of things. It is definitely making a difference in how I feel at home I'm in the process of going back to work after 2 months off, it's tough but I'm getting on with it. I have a lot of thoughts for blogs which I will try gradually post over the coming couple of weeks including... My bikini body Holiday recap / review Some handmade seller features Dipping my toe into YouTube Decluttering challenge Depression I hope you&#