Failed Blood Donation - caution, not for the faint hearted

I had my first failed blood donation today.
I passed all the questions and tests, got in the chair, remembered my name, it was going fine.
Then the guy does his sharp scratch bit.
Followed by some firm poking, wiggling and a bit of pain, few more wiggles and he says "we'll have to stop there, I've missed the vein".
I think we're done but then he calls for the nurse, "we've got a bruise"
Over comes the nurse with a special leaflet and explains I'll probably get a bruise and all the things not to worry about. She was very apologetic which really wasn't necessary, these things happen. She gave me the stark warnings of worse case scenario (not overly bad tbh) and apologised some more.
I fully kept my sense of humour and laughed about it. It was my 15th donation and these things happen, as far as I've concerned even a huge bruise is nothing compared to someone needing blood and it not being available.
On my way out I made an appointment for 2 weeks by which time it'll all be better.

But for now I can't do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity and may need to use some ice if it swells slightly.

This is rare, and it's nothing compared to what the people who need a transfusion are going through! They could have been in an accident, had birth complications, need blood for cancer treatments the list really is endless. Saving lives is worth it.

Save a life, give blood!!


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