Not like Real Work

When I tell people I work 2 jobs or that I work 7 days they often say the same phrase after I've explained I run a craft business, that phrase is "but it's not like real work",
Sometimes they follow it up with things like "because you're at home", "because you enjoy it" "because you work for yourself" etc etc

and they're right!

It's not like real work

I don't get a day off, hell I barely even get an evening off
I don't get to go home from work
I work late into the evening when I have to (I just finished and it's past 10pm)
I am ALWAYS thinking about work
I'm not paid a wage, if people don't buy I don't get paid
If people aren't happy with the product it costs me money
I have no company
There's no HR department
There's no sick pay, holiday pay, time off
There's next to no company benfits
There's no salary or hourly wage
There's no escaping the boss

The list goes on

Yes I enjoy it (most of the time), yes I can work in my jammies, yes I work for myself. But don't ever assume running any business is easy. This isn't a hobby, this is my job and it counts just like any other job.

It is very much real work!


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