Sober October

Now that October is over I can declare I didn't have any alcohol.
I'm a pint of lager kind of girl rather than spirits most of the time and I don't go out very often so I wasn't drinking insane and unsafe amounts, I very rarely get more than a little tipsy. But throughout August and September I was having a couple of cans of lager every evening, it was basically "Roo's in bed, grab a drink and relax at last. Normally a crate of beer would last me month but instead it was lasting a week, it had become part of my routine and an essential part of winding down.
Then we went on holiday and the fridge was kept well stocked, I ended up having a lot more to drink. I still wasn't getting drunk but I was drinking a lot more than is recommended albeit slowly throughout the day.

So when I got home I decided my body needed a break! It was the 1st October and there were things on TV and social media suggesting Go Sober for October so I decided I'd do it. I also decided I was doing this for me! I didn't want anyone asking or monitoring me or the temptation of 'golden tickets' where funds raised can allow you a night where you can drink. This wasn't a fundraising attempt, it was a health attempt.

When offered a drink I simply said no thank you or that I just didn't want to drink. This was never untrue, I didn't want to drink because I was having a month without. I told a few people but fairly casually. It wasn't a big deal so I didn't make it one.

I will admit that a few times I thought "I really fancy a drink" especially when having a meal out or after a long and stressful day. I didn't let that stop me and I did it.
It's not a huge deal, it's not a marathon, but I set out to do it and succeeded and I feel slightly proud of that.

What is going to be different now?
Very little
I'll still have a drink on an evening and I'll still have a drink with a meal or out with friends. I may have less than I was, I may not, I'll have to see what comes.

One thing I do know is I will be having a beer tonight to congratulate myself on a job well done.


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