A Nag about Nits

Today I want to talk about an unpleasant subject - head lice aka nits

I know it's not nice and just hearing about it (and writing about it) is enough to make you itchy but it's a problem most Mum's face.

My annoyance is the people who don't check, don't treat and don't handle it!
There's nothing wrong with getting nits, it happens to almost everyone but not treating it is unacceptable because it not only effects your and your child's lives but also other people your child interacts with.

Some heads seems to be more attractive than others, I know people who's children have never had then and then there's children like Roo who seem to get them every single time they are doing the round.
Lately she's been coming home with 1 or 2 big fat adult lice now and then, cue a full hunt and there's nothing else so I think they're coming from someone else and I'm luckily catching them early.

I feel like we should have shares in nit treatment the amount we've bought over the year. Combs, mouses, liquids, shampoos and the latest one preventive conditioning spray.
Roo hates having her hair combed, we've even had to cut it by a few inches to make it easier to handle.

If everyone checked their child's hair weekly it would help limit this plague to everyone. Please check your child and treat them if needed.

Also, if you're child is attractive to nits like Roo (and me when I was younger) then I recommend using a tea tree shampoo; it doesn't stop them but it seems to have reduced our incidence generally.


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