Skin Colour

A couple of weeks ago Roo was looking through her new colouring pencil roll which she got as a Christmas gift, she was telling me about the varying colours when all of a sudden she gasped and started looking for something. She jumped up clutching two pencils, a peach and a mid brown, she exclaimed "I've got skin colours! Now when I'm colouring people I can do their skin". Maybe it's old news now but I couldn't help but think how fantastic it is that this is now normal, when I was 4 (16 long years ago) my default would have been to call peach skin colour, not to say I was isolated or insensitive I just know it wouldn't have crossed my mind. It wasn't a conscious decision for Roo it was just fact.
It may seem wrong to point it out I don't know what's right and wrong these days, I just know it put a smile on my face.


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