Don't force your goals on my child

In the Internet age there's so much more out there about when your child should be doing what and people talking proudly about their child hitting milestones.
It's brilliant that people have this platform to share their pride, it's great your child is ahead of the curve etc.
Do not push your goals, timelines and achievements on my child
Your child was potty trained at 18 months? That's great, you must be very proud, my child wasn't and guess what? I don't care.
Your child knows all their timetables? Fabulous, mine isn't there yet and that's okay.

Let me be clear, I am not saying we should ignore developmental delays or anything like that. I'm saying you shouldn't make another person feel bad because their child isn't as advanced as another.
This doesn't just go for parents online, this goes for friends and family too. When Roo was younger I used to get so upset when family would say things like "oh she isn't walking yet?" "oh she's still in nappies". As long as she's not worrying medical professionals then she's not worrying me.

Everyone is putting their perfect lives online and most people don't mention when things go a little bit wrong or when they get a little bit frustrated, although more and more people will admit to these things now. Telling people that you think you're failing or that your life isn't perfect is hard when you're an adult please don't instill this too heavily onto our children already.

Be proud, be happy, declare your pride, please I'm incredibly happy for you. But don't act sorry for others if their children aren't there yet or worse worry poor parents that there is something wrong or to be upset about, there's enough to worry about as a parent as it is!

Everyone isn't the same, how boring would life be if we were. We can't all be the fastest, smartest, bravest, everyone is better at different things.

I will always encourage Roo to do her best and try her hardest but I will never pull her down or let her be pulled down because she's not the best at everything. She will succeed in her way at her pace and I want nothing more.


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