Small Business Saturday - B.Blissful

Every Saturday I will be featuring a small business I have bought from. This week it is B.Blissful

B.Blissful sell wax melts and are one of a couple of small businesses I have purchased melts from recently. I ordered a few different scents and have tried a few out already.

I think I have now discovered bakery scents are not for me, I ordered a couple of cookie type ones and I don't think I'll be trying them out. There is nothing wrong with these and the scents are great they just don't sit right with my nose so I don't think I'll try them. 
I have tried:

Herbal Help
This is amazing, it's a menthol melt which has been styled around the likes of a Vapour Rub. It's strong enough to break through a blocked nose but not so strong that it feels like your nose has been slathered with a vapour rub (which I worried it would be). I bought a small pot of buttons of this scent to try and I am ordering more this weekend because I love it. I don't just use it when I'm bunged up either I find it quite soothing when I'm stressed out so I've been using it for that too. I only use a little bit at a time for this one because I don't want the scent to last too long as once I've cleared the congestion I often want to change scent and I'd hate to waste this awesomeness.

Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
I know I said I don't like bakery scents but this isn't overly bakery. I've only tried this one once and it was nice, not a favourite but a nice background scent. Fruity and refreshing, probably one I'll use when we have guests as it's not too powerful either. 

Bedtime Bath
This blew me away! I was sat on the sofa watching TV and ended up feeling odd one evening, after a while I realised I felt relaxed and because I don't often feel properly relaxed it had taken me off guard. The reason I'm telling you this? The reason I felt so relaxed is this scent, it's made to be similar to a baby bubble bath scent. I felt fluffy and bubbly and it made me pleasantly sleepy. The scent actually lasted about 24 hours which is amazing and I think in future I might use a smaller amount as it made me feel a little snoozy the next day. I have a few buttons left on this one but I will definitely be ordering more before I run out. 

Witches Brew
I am burning this at the moment. The Facebook page describes this as "A sweet juicy blackcurrant fragrance with hints of apple and raspberry refreshed by lemons and sweetened by vanilla" The blackcurrant is a lovely fruity scent which reminds me of a smoothie made mainly of blackcurrant rather than a cordial smell. It's a juicy smell which Sid says is summery, I think it's more early autumn warming smell which makes me think of jams and hedgerows. I'm not sure I'd call it a witchy smell but it's only a name, it smells lovely! One of my favourite fruity scents so far. 


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