Multivitamin Regime

I'm finally getting on the multivitamin bandwagon

For someone who takes a fair amount of meds I've always been rubbish at taking vitamins. I don't know why I can remember other things but never something as simple as a multivitamin.
After being told I have low iron levels and knowing I'm vitamin D deficient I think it's about time to start taking my vitamins.
I went onto MyVitamins website and ordered some bits which I think will help to cover what I think I need. I did check with my GP before I started because I am on a few different things and I know certain medications and vitamins or herbal remedies can clash, I'm alright as long as I'm not taking St Johns Wort. I've checked all the levels and doses and made sure none are at risk of overdose too.

I've also ordered 7 day pill box so I don't have to keep my tablet bottles with me all the time.

I'm now taking 2 different multivitamins and vitamin D3 which involves 4 huge tablets and 1 small one, I think I might split the dose through the day to hopefully increase absorption.

Let's see what happens


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